The Student Leaders of Tomorrow youth development program is specifically designed for enriching the lives of our young people.  The program is customized for grades 3 through 12 and is coached by Dr. Sharon Johnson.  Students are taught college level leadership training.  Dr. J introduce students to YouthMax strategies and leadership principles of John Maxwell and other leaders.

In this program, Dr. Johnson uses strategic leadership training materials to promote leadership qualities and placed emphasis on application of leadership theories and practices.  Students are also given the opportunity to meet official leaders of the community through Dr. Johnson’s relations and affiliations with these leaders.

Over the past 2 years, students in the Student Leaders of Tomorrow program was given a guided tour of the Pembroke Pines City Hall, the mayors office and the City Chambers for legislative actions.  Students experience simulated activities and meet other officials of the city.  The student Leader program is available for other schools and leaders who are interested in giving young people the opportunity to learn more about leadership.

Please contact Dr. Sharon Johnson at 954-802-8515 or email with the subject Youth Leadership at Comtivate.  Enjoy some of the FREE Student Leadership Courses here

Dr. J

Student Leaders Coaching
Student Leaders Coaching

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