Working with Dr. Johnson on the John Maxwell Leadership programs over the past few weeks has meant a change in my life. It is redefining my perspective on leadership, service, adding value to people’s lives and personal growth.

Dr. Johnson is an amazing Coach and Trainer who not only imparts knowledge, but also enormous enthusiasm, confidence and love. Her passion and commitment to helping others discover their best self is evident and a breath of fresh air. I’m excited, grateful and blessed to be on her team and eager for our next training session. Thanks Dr J!!  ~Juliet Williams, New York


Run your R.A.C.E is an awesome and inspiring course of work. Not only does it help you focus and prioritize your goals, it helps you formulate a path to achieving them. The system is both useful in business and personal life. Focusing on the S.M.A.R.T. goals method, this course can turn any daunting task into an achievable goal. I’m so happy I was able to go through the process and look forward to implementing this formula in many different areas of my life so that I can be more task-oriented and successful.  ~ Leslie Walker, Hollywood,, Professional Coatings Sales Representative, Florida

“Dr. Sharon Johnson has a magic touch when it comes to motivating and inspiring others to take life to the next level.”  ~Dee Ann Stricklett M.S. in Educ. Admin., John Maxwell Trainer, Ohio

Life is really a race when you think about it. Sharon has used a unique way of showing us how to run this R.A.C.E which gives us no “do overs”! Her simple methodology to help you going forward can be used by anyone as long as you are willing to slow down, set your priorities, and practice.~Ella GoodenUniversity DirectorJohn Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker and TrainerSouth Florida

The RACE program is a terrific tool to bring focus to your goals and clarity to what to you want. If you need a plan to reach your goals, look no further, this is it. Life is a race that we have to run. We must run effectively and intentionally to win. Dr. Sharon Johnson’s RACE program will do just that.  ~Pat Cherry, Executive Coach, Miami, Florida

Run Your Race is a great way to introduce achievements and dreams. This blueprint workbooks cements the concepts to both professionals and life style changers. I truly enjoy Dr. Sharon Johnson’s perspectives and problem solving techniques. This is an extremely useful platform to maintain productivity and consistency for success.  ~Karen Rose, Florida

Dr. Johnson

Your presentation pulled at me because I am a “Jack of all trades and master of none”. I felt like my life was written by you.
It is extremely inspiring and your examples are spot on especially using a race which made me think of time, which is always going forward, never paused and cannot go back in time.  Using a race with oneself has an outcome of a fast winner or a slow one in your own right.  Young adults starting out in life and adults feeling stuck in a job would absolutely benefit from this.
The younger attendees will learn how to prioritize their live’s race, while older attendees will learn to take a step back, and re-prioritze their race.  At the end of the presentation I thought how fare away I am to the finish line!~Nadine GrantNew York City