Sunrise of Life

It was a beautiful morning as I drove on the highway I 95 in South Florida. The sun rises as if it was rising to meet me on that early morning drive. I could not help myself watching the bright yellow ball as it illuminates the skyline of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The beauty of the sun, the shades of the clouds around it, that beautiful looking burning flame silhouettes the sky leaving me in awe.  Tiny raindrops drizzled on my car as the sun pressure the sky with its beauty.   I immediately thought to myself, “My God, How Great Thou Art “.    I am not alone.

I know for sure that the sun rose for me this morning. It reminded me that every day above ground is a great day. This day was a day where my eyes behold the glory of the sunrise.  It was as if God was speaking that special conversation with me. Balance in my eyes between the sunrise and the highway, and the traffic, I took a shot with my cell phone to capture this moment as a reminder that the sun still rises for me.   I am not alone .

What I know for sure is that every day you and I have this wonderful opportunity to watch the sunrise for us. None of us can look at the sun and experience the beauty of the golden orange lights. The timelessness of the song is enchanting. What I know is that this sunrise marks that I am not on the outdoor life but the time or day,  and most importantly the time or soon coming King it speaks timelessness it has arisen it’s it meets the sky would wonder as it exhibits it’s beauty and it’s  stillness.   I am not alone.

I cannot explain the feeling but what I can tell you is that watching the sun rise gives me total inner joy, a feeling of confort, and the presence of the Lord.   I am not alone.

The sun rise of my life gives brand new meaning to a brand-new day.   I am not alone.

Dr.  J

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