Stress and Employee Engagement

The Significance between Stress and Employee Engagement

Written by Dr. Sharon Johnson

argument-1299108__180Why are so many employees stressed out on their jobs? In my position as a consultant, coach, and trainer and speaking inside of government organizations, as well as speaking with private companies, small businesses, and individuals, it is clear that stress can be directly related to the environment that individuals are in. Can we truly say that stress comes from our environment?

Most of the time when I speak with groups or individuals, the common factor is always based on the relationship that they have with their peers, the relationship or behavior of the leaders above them, and often times the extrinsic factors within the organization or the business.

Whenever I ask why and how these situations affect them personally, the response is usually that the leader is the main cause. So I asked the question of many leaders whether they believe that the leader or the leadership of the business is responsible for what happens at work. Since the leader is responsible for 70% (Gallup) of what happens in the workplace, it is something to consider seriously as to whether the leader can actually create an environment that promotes stress.

As a leadership consultant and trainer, I believe that the leader is responsible for setting the tone and creating an environment that promotes healthy relationships with peers as well as with other leaders. Every leader is responsible for knowing what really motivates their employees. One of the many ways that leaders can ascertain that employees are not faced with stressful environment or situations is to have those crucial conversation about expectations and relationships at work.  According to Gallup’s statistical data on the engagement levels of employees, only 13% of the workforce is engaged.

So what happens to the other 87%? Is that the group that is experiencing stress? Is that an indication then that 87% of people in the world please are stressed out? Is the manager / leader included in that group of stressed out people?

I would love to hear what you think when it comes to stress and engagement in the work. Please send me an email to with your views.

Dr. Sharon Johnson

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