Questions of the Heart

Questions of the Heart

When I was a little girl I used to love asking “why?” For me it was to get the real reason why I was doing something. I remember my grandmother would give me a look and I would shut up. I still wanted to know why but if I were to ask again, I run the risk of a slap across the face or be seen as the disrespectful child. We were always told, “do it because I says so or don’t question grown people”. Truly, I would feel so helpless and week, but I could not let it show.

Growing in Jamaica and hearing and living by the thoughts, “speak when you are spoken to and answer when you are called”, used to drive me crazy. There were many days I wished I could just tell these adults the things on my mind, but I could not. The consequences would be too great for my buttocks.

Asking questions of the heart was stifled then.

Since I grew up and can ask why on my own, I have not stopped asking. When my children asked me why, I made it my duty to have an answer. When my employees asked me why, I give them the best answers I can think of and if I cannot, I look for it.

The important thing here is that questions allow the heart to reflect.

When I start asking questions, one of the things I realize is that there is a growth connection. When I tell my employees or my students that there are no dumb questions, I always notice the differences in participation, tone, body language, and the extreme opportunity to engage.

See, questions stimulate thinking.

I really love the insights that comes from questions. While it is so important to ask questions, not only will it stimulate growth, but it digs deep into creative thinking. I have seen where powerful questions penetrate the heart of the situation and brings to life new ideas and insights. I have seen where people experience ha ha moments during questioning. At times there are honest questions that bring about conviction. Power questions also can help others develop personal awareness. It allows and encourages the process of cultivating a positive attitude. Some question get people to put their lives in perspectives and increase their realism for success.

I really believe that questions allows us to live our best lives.

Dr. J


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