The Olympics and Life

Run Your Race pic.001When we watch the Olympics, we see dreams come through for hundreds of people. People across the world are achieving their dreams or people are watching others achieve
their dreams. At the Olympics, we see athletes who have been practicing for years upon years upon years. We see athletes who have won bronze medals, silver medals, and running to achieve the gold medal. Run Your Race with Resiliency, Attitude, Commitment, and Enthusiasm.

How different are the dreams of those athletes and the dreams that we have in our lives not being athletes?  One great writer wrote, the journey of 1000 miles starts with one single step. The athletes who we watch have been sacrificing their lives and their time for just one day only.

imageDuring the Olympics people are simply going for what they believe they can do. Their talents and your dreams are not just for a show but it is something that they believe in and want to achieve by all means necessary. The question is, what do they do or have done when the goal that they have been striving for is not achieve? Do they stop practicing? Do they stop believing?   Do they throw up your hands and say this is not for me?   We see the tears of joy among the participants. We also see tears of embarrassment. We see tears of some feeling like a failure.

The Olympics is like the game of life. Are we in the game? Or are we watching the game? This game of  life is for every person who is willing to play their part in it.   You will have to be in it to have a chance to win it. You have the chance to Run your Race here

At the Olympics you see the exhibition of confidence, determination, strength, courage, passion, love, influence, and so many more positive traits.   Of all the things you can observe during the Olympics is that every person whether they are in the game or at the game is experiencing the highest levels of engagement.

Today I waimagent to encourage you to lift your level of engagement in your life. Be like the athletes at the Olympics stretching into your greatness, exploring your passion, and live your life by all means necessary.  Experience the joy that comes from within. Experience engagements at its highest level.   Create your own Olympic feeling. Step into your greatness. Play the game and let someone else watch the game.  Run Your Race

Dr. J


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