Never Lose Your Voice

Never Lose Your Voice – Victoria Trabosh

A Powerful Moment on the Comtivate Show on Thursday November, 5, 2015 at 11 am (Est.) and 8 am (Pacific time). Call 646-652-2034 to speak with us. You have to hear Executive Coach, Author, Radio and TV Personality Victoria Trabosh’s story on Oral Cancer, Determination, Strength – A Powerful Woman in an ever-changing world. Set your Alarm!

Join Dr. Sharon Johnson with Victoria Trabosh on Thursday 11-5-15 at 1100 am Est. (8am Pacific). Call 646-652-2034 press 1.

Victoria Trabosh is many things but mostly determined to change the world through her life and work. With over 40 years of business experience and a wealth of health issues that caused her to refocus her energies, she’s clear that overcoming is about how she behaves through her circumstances, not the circumstances. She believes that faith and wisdom can guide us through all things that happen in our lives. She has certainly found that to be true in her very recent journey through oral cancer. Author, sought-after international speaker, columnist, radio show and TV personality, executive coach ad philanthropist, she works in the world so that she and others become their best and and change the world. Parent to four and grandparent to eight, her greatest joy is family, especially her husband John. Learn more: and Free gift 

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Never Lose Your Voice

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