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Mama’s Heart on the First Day of School

I watched a mother cried so hard after dropping her child for the first in school. I took her some tissue and hugged her. Her baby was going to kindergarten. I convinced her it would be ok.

I could not help myself as I watched this mother cried.  For me it was easy because my child was going to the 5th grade.  Her baby was going to kindergarten.  I was moved by her emotions.  She was crying as if it was the last day on earth.  The funny thing is as I hugged her and consoled her, she hugged be back and sobbed so hard.  I thought to myself if there was more than just that.  She was overwhelmed at leaving her baby.  It was the first time.  I remembered that I cried too.  Now she says goodbye and keep on going.

Here is the strangest thing!  The tears rolled down my eyes too.  I felt her pain.  We cried and as I gave her the tissue, I thought to myself that I did not know this lady at all.  I also realized how much we need each other.  We do not need to know each other to realize the significance of kinds words and a warm heart.  I was in the right place at the right time for this mother who needed a shoulder to lean on.  Mama’s heart was full on the first day of school.

She thanked me for being there.  For me, it was even more important to let her know that what she was feeling was real and very normal.  Sometimes in life stopping to console another person can be so comforting.  We dried and laughed about when the kids gets older and wants to get rid of us.  Everyone went by, smiled with us.  At least we were making others smile.

It’s so natural to feel overwhelmed .  Make it more natural to motivate each other.  We just need each other even when we are strangers.

Have a happy school year

Dr. J

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