Employee Engagement 101

Employee Engagement is the hot topic in all workplaces today.  Why?  Did you know that  according to current statistics 70% of work places today are disengaged?   Right now leaders and managers should be thinking of employee engagement training as an emergency for the workplace.  Whether I am coaching executives throughout the USA or internationally, in places like Paraguay, coaching on employee engagement has the same dynamics.

As a leader or a manager you may be wondering why is it importance for employees to be  engaged in their workplaces.  I have been traveling across the United States and teach an employee engagement to federal executives and to my surprise employees needs are the same everywhere. Employee engagement is a framework that every organization should be using to meet the needs of their employees.

Getting my certification from Gallup to teach employee engagement and creating an engaging workplace in the United States Postal Service has opened my eyes to the seriousness of employee engagement.  Every leader and manager should really get a course on employee engagement before assuming their positions.

People are really suffering from the lack of knowledge of leaders and managers.  Can you rally blame a manager or a leader if they are not getting the best from their employees?  Can you tell leaders how to create engagement if he or  she has never been engaged?  Is the satisfaction of the employees enough?  The truth is that employee engagement is far more crucial than satisfaction.

To learn more about taking you and your team to the next level with training in employee engagement, please contact, me Dr. Sharon Johnson at http://www.comtivate.com. I will teach you and your team how to create employee engagement, how to identify the engagement of your employees and most importanly, how to increase productivity and relationships among employees.

Learn about Engagement 101 with Dr  J by connecting at http://www.comtivate.com or calling 954-802-8515 for your next group training.

Get Engaged

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