The Dream of Becoming A Soldier

One of my biggest dream was to join the military. I remember when I came to America, when I heard the stories and the commitment of what soldiers do for their country, I was ready to serve. I remember the day I did the test for the Army.   I was so excited with the imagination that I would be a soldier. When I received the scores I was overjoyed that I was eligible to be a soldier. I remember that day when I was told that I could go to Fort Hamilton to sign up.  It was one of the most excited days of my life in America.  The Persian Gulf war was going on at that time.

I shared my joy with a family member. This family member was also serving in the military. I was so saddened to learn that I should not do that because of the bad experiences that I probably would encounter. Notice I said probably.  With the recommendation from that family member I did not join the military. Years later I could only wish I made that decision on my own.  I always believe that it could be one of two things today, one I would have died serving or two I would be telling you stories of how great it is to be a service woman.

My big decision to take the test was my own, however, the decision to not sign those papers was someone else’s. I learned this lesson that I should never make anyone’s  decision influence my decision. I also learned that when someone else’s  decision make you change your dream then your dream was never your dream.

imageHow I dreamt of being a soldier.  How I dreamt of serving this great country. But I did not go through with my dream simply because I was told it was not a good dream.   I allowed doubt and fear to stop me from achieving my dreams.

When my son was 17 years old, he decided he wanted to be a soldier. The best thing I ever heard as a mother. I realized that my son would be living the dream I always had. I encouraged him to make that decision his decision.   At his graduation with the Navy, I cried like a baby. I cried tears of joy. I cried knowing that my  dream will be living on. I cried for his commitment.   As a matter of fact, I cry each time that I him.   I pray for him every day that God will give him the strength that is undescribable.

Today, I  can only celebrate and honor our veterans, our active service men and women and their families for living the dream. Thank you so much for serving, for sacrificing your lives, so that we the American people can live a life of freedom.    Your dream, your sacrifices, your commitments, your dedication, has given us the opportunity to live a life that we have always dreamt of.

I thank God for His Amazing  Plan for my life that I can appreciate the pass and look forward to the future.  God always have a different plan from the one we have. So today, with no regrets, but with thanksgiving to God, I can see the dream living on.  I simply

God bless America, my home sweet home

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