Don’t Try To Change People

Dr. J

Are you living your life trying to change people to be who you want them to be?  Why do we do that?  To be honest with you, I think I do that a lot of times.  I really did that mostly when I was young and seeking the consent of others. As I look back into my life, I can recall some relationships that I really thought was great for me to have.  I just did not like the habits of some of those people.  I tried to change them and, you know what?  Some of them changed to please me.  My grandmother had a saying that a “tiger can never change  its stripe”, which means that many people will always be who they are no matter they do.  When people change their ways to please you, they are not really themselves.  We need to accept people for who they are and stop trying to let them be who we want them to be!

Instead of trying to change people, we need to spend time changing us. How do we change ourselves?  I say look at the man or woman  in the mirror and ask yourself if you like who you see.   Who we see and who people see can be very different.  People see right through us. We need to be constantly adding values to our lives.  Invest in the person you aspire to be.  Spend time with yourself.  You need to give yourself a makeover by self-analysis. Discover yourself and then do what is necessary to make you the best person ever.  When people see you, they can believe that what they see is what they are getting.

So next time you think of  changing others to be what or who you want them to be, just think of who you are.  Ask yourself, am I who I want to be?

Stay Beautiful…Stay Motivated.

Dr.  J

Edited by Adonai Johnson

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