Tired of Just Going?

Tired of Just Going?

Don’t Give Up
Are you tired? Are you tired of just going, going, going? Well, you and so many other folks today are just tired of being tired. But there is something that you can do. All you have to do is tell yourself what you are willing to do.

Whether you are tired on the job, as a parent, as a student, or just plain old tired of going, the time is now to change your life. You can change your life by adding more value to your life. You can change your life by investing more valuable time in others.

Here are some ways:
Invest in a good self-development book like these comtivate.com/books.
Invest in some quiet meditation.
Make new friends.
Get more rest.
Exercise more frequently.
Find a church family, depending on your religion.

Another great way to avoid being sick and tired is to invest in a coach who will help you to achieve some of your goals.

In my business, as a personal development and personal growth coach, I help clients to find strategies to reach their goals. Like other clients, get in the race of letting go. Please connect with me for more on coaching and letting go about being “tired” at comtivate.com/coaching

Dr. J.

The Art of Decision-making

I am sitting at the airport and it amazes me how diverse our world is. Everyone is going about their business, focused on their destination. It is so interesting to watch the faces and they searched for their gate numbers. It reminds of what the difference would be if I  knew where they were going just by looking at them.  What made them decide to to travel is unknown to me.

See, what is striking is that each persons has an arrival point. There is a specific path to getting to a certain point read more

Questions of the Heart

Questions of the Heart

When I was a little girl I used to love asking ?why?? For me it was to get the real reason why I was doing something. I remember my grandmother would give me a look and I would shut up. I still wanted to know why but if I were to ask again, I run the risk of a slap across the face or be seen as the disrespectful child. We were always told, ?do it because I says so or don?t question grown people?. Truly, I would feel so helpless and week, but read more

Put Your Dream To The Test Mastermind 2017

What Do You Need to Make Your Dreams Come True?
Your dream has power. It can inspire you. It can empower you. But will it reward you? In this workshop to reaching your dreams, Dr. Sharon Johnson, with the lessons of John C. Maxwell, show you how to do the things needed to make your dream come true. Most people fail to realize their potential because their dream remains hypothetical. Put Your Dream to the Test takes your dream from ethereal read more

Stress and Employee Engagement

The Significance between Stress and Employee Engagement

Written by Dr. Sharon Johnson

argument-1299108__180Why are so many employees stressed out on their jobs? In my position as a consultant, coach, and trainer and speaking inside of government organizations, as well as speaking with private companies, small businesses, and individuals, it is clear that stress can be directly related to the environment that individuals are in. Can we truly say that stress comes from our environment?

Most of the time when I speak read more

Courage and Fear

This weekend I flew in on American airlines to Mississippi and had a Dallas connection. I contemplated on the 60 executives who I taught employee engagement strategies. I had the opportunity to reflect on some of the many occasions where I have the courage to do a lot of things. As I peered through the window of the airline window, all I could see was the beauty of clouds as it floated in the skies. I felt like I was just floating the skies too. It dawned on me that I had the courage to put my read more

Sunrise of Life

read more

It was a beautiful morning as I drove on the highway I 95 in South Florida. The sun rises as if it was rising to meet me on that early morning drive. I could not help myself watching the bright yellow ball as it illuminates the skyline of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The beauty of the sun, the shades of the clouds around it, that beautiful looking burning flame silhouettes the sky leaving me in awe.  Tiny raindrops drizzled on my car as the sun pressure the sky with read more

Rejection Drives Success

Mama’s Heart on the First Day of School

I watched a mother cried so hard after dropping her child for the first in school. I took her some tissue and hugged her. Her baby was going to kindergarten. I convinced her it would be ok.

I could not help myself as I watched this mother cried.  For me it was easy because my child was going to the 5th grade.  Her baby was going to kindergarten.  I was moved by her emotions.  She was crying as if it was the last day on earth.  The funny thing is as I hugged her and consoled her, she hugged read more

The Olympics and Life

Run Your Race pic.001When we watch the Olympics, we see dreams come through for hundreds of people. People across the world are achieving their dreams or people are watching others achieve
their dreams. At the Olympics, we see athletes who have been practicing for years upon years upon years. We see athletes who have won bronze medals, silver medals, and running to achieve the gold medal. Run Your Race with Resiliency, Attitude, Commitment, and Enthusiasm.

How different are the dreams of those athletes and the read more

Employee Engagement 101

Employee Engagement is the hot topic in all workplaces today.  Why?  Did you know that  according to current statistics 70% of work places today are disengaged?   Right now leaders and managers should be thinking of employee engagement training as an emergency for the workplace.  Whether I am coaching executives throughout the USA or internationally, in places like Paraguay, coaching on employee engagement has the same dynamics.

As a leader or a manager you may be wondering why is it importance for employees to be  engaged in their workplaces.  I have been traveling across the United States and teach an employee engagement to federal executives and to my surprise employees needs are the same everywhere. Employee engagement is a framework that every organization should be using to meet the needs of their employees.

Getting my certification from Gallup to teach employee engagement and creating an engaging workplace in the United States Postal Service has opened my eyes to the seriousness of employee engagement.  Every leader and manager should really get a course on employee engagement before assuming their positions.

People are really suffering from the lack of knowledge of leaders and managers.  Can you rally blame a manager or a leader if they are not getting the best from their employees?  Can you tell leaders how to create engagement if he or  she has never been engaged?  Is the satisfaction of the employees enough?  The truth is that employee engagement is far more crucial than satisfaction.

To learn more about taking you and your team to the next level with training in employee engagement, please contact, me Dr. Sharon Johnson at http://www.comtivate.com. I will teach you and your team how to create employee engagement, how to identify the engagement of your employees and most importanly, how to increase productivity and relationships among employees.

Learn about Engagement 101 with Dr  J by connecting at http://www.comtivate.com or calling 954-802-8515 for your next group training.

Get Engaged

Dr.  J

A Mother’s Sailor

PMS Derrick JohnsonOne of my biggest joy as a mother is to have a son as a sailor. I remember clearly when my son decided that he wanted to join the Navy when he graduated from high school. At first, I was a little skeptical when I think of all the different kinds of wars going on throughout the world.  The  first thought is that I would not want to lose my child. However, I immediately reminded myself that this was a dream of his not mine.  I was excited for him.

My mind played a lot of games on me.  I read more

The Dream of Becoming A Soldier

One of my biggest dream was to join the military. I remember when I came to America, when I heard the stories and the commitment of what soldiers do for their country, I was ready to serve. I remember the day I did the test for the Army.   I was so excited with the imagination that I would be a soldier. When I received the scores I was overjoyed that I was eligible to be a soldier. I remember that day when I was told that I could go to Fort Hamilton to sign up.  It was one of the most excited read more