The Art of Decision-making

I am sitting at the airport and it amazes me how diverse our world is. Everyone is going about their business, focused on their destination. It is so interesting to watch the faces and they searched for their gate numbers. It reminds of what the difference would be if I  knew where they were going just by looking at them.  What made them decide to to travel is unknown to me.

See, what is striking is that each persons has an arrival point. There is a specific path to getting to a certain point in life. Each person is fully aware of what they need to do to get to where they want to go. Everyone was in their own world as I watched. You and I do not know anyone else’s world. What we know is that for us we have our own business to handle and other have theirs.

Would it matter if we knew what the other person is thinking? What if we did not know what to do? Arriving at the airport is not just an idea. It is a specific act of preparing and doing in order to arrive.  It was also clear to me that I have no idea of where people were going. From my view people were hurrying and scurrying off to their destinations. The key is that each person knew where they were going because they have a plan. It is a plan that is in place to move from a destination point to an arrival point. As a matter of fact, each person had to have a boarding pass to even get to their gate.

This scenario reminds me of how significant a plan is. If we live our lives with a plan, chances are that we can move from our starting point to get to our arrival point with more comfort and clarity. The journey that it takes is the path that we follow. A person without a plan and a path can be easily detoured from their destination point. There is a waiting time between the starting point and the arrival point. What we do in between that is crucial to arrival. Guidelines and procedures have to be in place to ensure that they journey takes place. As people on the journey of life, we have responsibilities and requirements that will make the journey worthwhile.

I have not seen anyone who gets to the airport, check in, goes to their gates and then change their mind and turn back. See, a decisions is made before taking off. As a matter of a fact, a bigger decision was made to even make the reservation.  It would take an art of a decision to not start the journey on the plane.

What journey are you deciding to take today?

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