Who’s Opinion Is It?

Don't let Somebody else's Opinion of You Become Your Reality
Don’t Let Somebody Else’s Opinion of You Become Your Reality

I remember when I was growing up in Jamaica people told me what I would be.  It was not a lot.  Trust me.  Based on the circumstances, the environment, and the people, I believed that they knew exactly what they said.  After all, that was all I knew.  Their opinions were the ones that mattered then.  As I agree older, and started experiencing self actualization, I realized that they had their opinions and I had mine.  Life throws us challenges, yet we grow, and as we grow, we have to make decisions.  I made mine.  My decision was that I was not staying in that place.  I was not going to allow what they think to become my thoughts.  I saw better, new better, and went out to get what was better.  Getter better gets tough, but the reality of life is what you make it.

You may be born in poverty and experience a lack of many things, but you do not have to stay in it.  Our minds is a growing Divine place and if we seek the Source, we can overcome every challenge that awaits us.

Somebody else’s opinion of me was NOT going to be my reality.  What about You?

Dr. J


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